Photo by Lehman Pekkola

Photo by Lehman Pekkola

Hi, I’m Emma, the founder, designer, and potter behind Estep & Company.

I live a bit south of Portland, OR and work out of a small garage studio there. I bring my pup, Sophia, to work with me every day. Sometimes she’s wonderful and sometimes she’s very persistent in distracting me by dropping her ball at my feet (even after our designated play time!!)

I love wheel throwing. I love clay. It is a fun, contemplative, and challenging medium. I studied ceramics in college and graduated with a degree in Studio Art from George Fox University. I’m proud of my education, it definitely informs my technique, process, and overall knowledge of ceramics. Many of my ideas and designs come from practical needs in my life.

I mostly run the business myself these days, but my husband and business partner, Dallas, has always been involved. It was his encouragement and problem solving that got us off the ground initially! Now, he’s mostly behind the scenes cheering me on and being my bff (and, let’s be honest, providing our health care ;) )

When I’m not at the studio I’m hanging with Dallas, training Sophia, volunteering at a local non profit, or reading (currently plowing through the Harry Potter series for the first time!).