We value quality design, responsible production, and crafting objects with character. It is a privilege to pursue our creative endeavors, and we’re grateful for your support.

We believe the objects in your life have the potential to become immensely meaningful. Everyday rituals can be elevated by integrating high quality, beautiful pieces into your life. We hope our ceramics help you foster a deeper relationship with everyday objects, and that through conscious buying, your home would be filled with things that are significant, useful, and lovely.

Every piece we sell is hand thrown, trimmed, fired, individually glazed, sponged, fired again, and hand sanded - they’re made with care! We use a high quality porcelain clay body and food safe glazes. Everything is crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable. Because each piece is handmade, items will have some variation in size, shape, and glazing. This is what sets us apart from mass produced goods. Buying handmade means your ceramics carry a unique story, and they’re inherently special :)